Daily Express, Inc. provides verifications for current and former independent contractors and company drivers through our website and by written request. Users may obtain and utilize verification information only pursuant to the purposes and means expressly authorized by federal and state statutes and regulations. In response to a request for verification, Daily Express, Inc. will provide Users information in compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation §391.23: Name, position held, most recent dates of employment, a basic job description, and number of preventable accidents. Prospective employers wishing to obtain drug and alcohol testing information pursuant to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations §391.23 and CFR Part 40.25 must follow the instructions contained within. Written requests for verification may be sent to Daily Express, Inc. PO Box 39 Carlisle, PA 17013 Attn: Contractor Services and must include a copy of written authorization from the subject.

    Users must obtain written consent of release for verifications and must maintain the written authorization for a three year period following the date of request of information and must provide said written authorization upon request by Daily Express, Inc.

    I certify that I have been provided with written consent of release for verification purposes. I also agree to hold Daily Express, Inc. and its officers and employees harmless of all liability as a direct result of the information provided in response to the verification process. Daily Express, Inc. reserves the right to withdraw this online verification service at any time without consulting the Users prior to withdrawing such service and shall assume no liability whatsoever in connection with the information provided. It is the intention of Daily Express, Inc. to provide accurate information, however no warranty as to accuracy or completeness is made or implied. By choosing to "Accept" the user certifies that they have read and agree to the terms and conditions stated above.

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