Part Number (Site)DescriptionUnit of IssueCurrent Selling Price
6886 DHCVTT (Resell Parts)RACK 1 CENTER CABEach$1,465.00
MCG-6880T-100000 (Resell Parts)RACK, CAB W/CENTER CAB.Each$2,297.23
BTF (Resell Parts)TOOL BOX, IN FRAMEEach$377.59
TS-21 Bungee Cord (Resell Parts)Rubber 21"Each$1.50
G70BC375X20DOM (Resell Parts)3/8"X20' USA GRADE 70 CHAINEach$71.00
20 X 20 AIR BAG (Resell Parts)20 X 20 TARPEach$395.00
DRX - 15 (Resell Parts)15,000 WLL 1/2 - 5/8 Ratchet BinderEach$76.00
R7530CE (Resell Parts)3 INCH 30 FOOT STRAP ASSMEach$47.00
DAS-GP5004 (Resell Parts)3/8X50' TIRE INFLATER KITEach$23.30
G70BC500x10G/SDO (Resell Parts)1/2" X 10' GRADE 70 CHAIN WITH SLPEach$72.00
30 X 30 AIRBAG (Resell Parts)30X30 LITE WEIGHTEach$850.00
DTT-2 (Resell Parts)12,000 WLL 3/8 - 1/2 ratchet binderEach$51.00
313828 (Resell Parts)RACK, CABEach$1,701.45
24X24 Hole in One (Resell Parts)Stick Flag HEAVYEach$7.00
DE23 (Resell Parts)MESH OD 18 X 84 SignEach$23.00
UK-22 (Resell Parts)UBOLT KITEach$61.00
USED Rack Head (Resell Parts)USEDEach$425.00
PROTECTOR 3 X 6 WINSHIELD (Resell Parts)FOAM FILLED Windshield ProtectorEach$275.00
MK-22 (Resell Parts)U BOLT KIT 22" - RACKEach$61.00
7980A (Resell Parts)Single Large LED StrobeEach$107.25
KS1509 Safety Vest (Resell Parts)CLASS 2 VESTEach$26.00
FB1-R Hat Hard, Ratchet . (Resell Parts)FULL BRIM. GREENEach$29.81
5/8 SLP A63 (Resell Parts)5/8" SLP HOOK ORANGEEach$52.00
11-0198 (Resell Parts)KING PIN LOCKEach$23.27
R7501CE (Resell Parts)3 INCH RATCHET WITH SHORT STRAPEach$29.00
Exhaust Cover (Resell Parts)VERY LARGE BLACKEach$30.91
5411635 (Resell Parts)1" 8.5 TON GAL. SHACKLE US MADEEach$36.00
A-22 18 x 84 Resell Parts (Resell Parts)Soft 18 X 84 OD SignEach$22.00
G80SLPWL (Resell Parts)3/8 th SLIP HOOK GR8Each$17.00
T9641435 Shackle (Resell Parts)1.25" Shackel US MADEEach$50.00
TAPE100 (Resell Parts)Tape measure 100ftEach$15.00
AH-REDSTICK-V2 (Resell Parts)15 foot Height Pole Each$220.00
5411435 Shackle (Resell Parts)7/8" Grade 7 Shack US MADEEach$27.00
4664 (Resell Parts)Fire Extinguisher ABCEach$75.00
24X24 Gromet (Resell Parts)RAG Flag REDEach$5.00
G70CS500i (Resell Parts)1/2" G70 SLIP HOOK CEEach$8.00
4020 PAD UNDERFOOT (Resell Parts)RACK PAD RUBBEREach$2.71
R2720SH (Resell Parts)1" BY 20' STRAPEach$7.50
R100CE (Resell Parts)4" RATCHET WITH SHORT STRAP & CEEach$39.00
430CE (Resell Parts)4" Strap ONLY with CEEach$19.00
1/2 GHCE (Resell Parts)1/2 GRAB HOOKEach$5.00
G70CS375I (Resell Parts)3/8" SLIP HOOK GRADE 70Each$5.00
FAMILY (Resell Parts)ECCO Replacement LensEach$14.00
G70CG375i (Resell Parts)3/8th GRAB HOOK CEEach$4.00
JAK-1005 (Resell Parts)Safety Triangle KitEach$18.76
ANC43795-15-30 (Resell Parts)Strap, 4" x 27'Each$25.50
MT71142 (Resell Parts)LEVELEach$7.00
DC357I REPAIR LINK (Resell Parts)3/8 Repair Coated LinkEach$4.00
18X84 INCH (Resell Parts)Hard 18 X 84 OD SignEach$218.57
20 X 20 18 OZ TARP (Resell Parts)20 X 20 18OZ VINYL TARPEach$300.00
330CE (Resell Parts)3 INCH STRAP WITH CE (STRAP ONLY)Each$25.99
5412435 (Resell Parts)1.50" GAL. SHACKLE US MADEEach$146.00
AH-REDSTICK-20 (Resell Parts)20 FOOT HIEGHT POLEEach$370.00
ECCO 5580 CA (Resell Parts)LED MINI STROBE BAREach$232.33
ExhaustCover (Resell Parts)SmallEach$20.64
FZA300C (Resell Parts)QUICK FLAG ASSM -WHIP KITEach$31.97
FZR300C (Resell Parts)QUICK FLAG REFILLEach$9.00
MRR20 (Resell Parts)MIRROR MOUNT FOR LIGHTEach$40.00
MSQMB101 (Resell Parts)QUICK FLAG MOUNT ONLYEach$33.00
R75030CE (Resell Parts)STRAP ONLYEach$13.00