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Contractor Life

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Driver Profile: This popular questionnaire has been on our website for years. Let us know how you fit it!

How will you fit in at Daily Express? Over the years Daily Express has found that successful Contractors will answer "yes" to at least 8 of the following 10 questions:

1. Are you willing to work long and irregular hours in order to get the job done?
2. Are God, family, and work 3 vital points in your life?
3. Can you reliably perform any job voluntarily undertaken without supervision?
4. Can you apply years of driving experience to transport over dimensional loads that are subject to driving restrictions that tempt the patience      of a saint?
5. Are you willing to invest time and money to keep your tractor in good running condition?
6. Do you respect the dignity of customers and associates in the performance of their jobs?
7. Can you achieve a safe driving record of less than 2 preventable accidents per 1,000,000 miles?
8. Are you unafraid to get your hands dirty to complete any job?
9. Do you have the ability to operate several different types of drop deck and lowboy trailer equipment?
10. Do you enjoy the professional satisfaction of being part of a high quality organization?

Chain Team:

Need help with a particular load? Load securement? Routes? Permits? The Daily Express Chain Team is here to help!
Our Chain Team consists of several highly qualified professional drivers from all regions of the country that have made themselves available and offered their assistance and advice. Daily Express drivers are provided with a calling card for the Chain Team members. Look for the Chain Team decal on our trucks!

Safety Banquet:

The Daily Express Safety Banquet is held annually to honor our drivers and their safety performance. The Safety Banquet is a first class event and is practically legendary among our drivers. Every January Daily Express invites each driver and his or her guest to attend at company expense. Our CEO presents the facts on the year past and prospects for the upcoming year. Safety reviews the year-end performance and honors each safe driver with an award, gift, and safety bonus checks are handed out. The contractor and driver of the year are announced along with the “Daily Hall of Fame” and million mile club inductees.

In recent years the banquets have become theme parties where attendees may dress up, have fun, and cut loose in general. The banquet is where many old Daily hands get together to swap stories and tell lies and even our retirees come out of the woodwork!

Driver Appreciation Week:

You are appreciated! Daily Express will always observe driver appreciation week. Our Contractors and Drivers are the link between the company and our customers. Daily Express would not exist if not for you! Our terminals are looking forward to hosting as many drivers as possible during the week.

Orientation FAQS:

Where do I have to go?
Orientation is held in Carlisle, PA or Houston, TX. We can often bring new Contractors into an orientation site with a load or assist with fuel expense to get there.

How long is it?
3 Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, and half a day on Thursday. Drivers are generally ready for dispatch by Thursday afternoon. We use this time as efficiently as possible to accomplish a number of necessary tasks: Truck inspections, road test, paperwork, class room information on operations, maintenance, safety, logs, permits, information, policies, programs, and load securement training.

What’s it like?
All drivers can expect a warm welcome and will stay in a private hotel room for 2 nights paid by Daily Express. Most meals will be covered by Daily Express at a local restaurant. The classroom training is done in a casual setting where you may ask questions and learn a lot! New drivers will have a chance to meet our CEO and talk about trucking and Daily Express.

Truck Inspections?
We will inspect Contractor trucks and tiedown equipment to make sure it meets our specifications. Inspections are thorough Federal-type inspections.

What Else?
We will arrange DOT required drug screens (at our expense) and DOT physicals if necessary. We will carefully process all or the necessary paperwork to get you on board. At the completion of orientation you are ready to load.

Why Join Daily Express?

• Revenue: Pull high-profit freight.
• People- Daily Express personnel are great people to work with and we have the best and most experienced staff in the business.
• Daily Express is a well-established, reputable and profitable company.
• Open Door Policy - Talk to anyone in the company at any time. Help yourself to a cup of coffee!
• Coordinated Dispatch: Work with one person for all loads.
• Advances: Up to 50% up front on all loads.
• Low Cost Truck Insurance: Call 800.669.6414 for a quote
• Spouses may ride and drive as qualified
• No Escrow- No Upfront Money- No Hidden Costs- No Workman's Comp
• Financing for Tiedown Equipment: Equipment is available at wholesale cost
• Free Trip Pak Service for load paperwork
• Free Tractor Inspections
• National Account Pricing on Tire Purchases
• Fuel Discounts
• Safety & Mileage Bonuses
• Referral Bonus
• Annual Safety Banquet: A first class event! All contractors and spouses invited at company expense
• Mobile Communications: Receive oversize permits and load paperwork direct in your truck cab, send & receive email