Truck Sale Program

The Daily Express truck sale program was created as a way to give our company drivers an opportunity to realize their dream of becoming an owner operator. The program is set up as a no-money-down sale.  This is a great opportunity to become an owner operator and small businessman with no initial investment while operating with a company that you know, and a company that will stand behind you. Daily Express offers complete financing and insurance for the truck in one simple package, all done through pay settlements. There is no money down required and no credit check.


• One full year of service as a company driver with;
• No preventable accidents or major or cargo claims;
• Must meet minimum mileage benchmarks.

How it works

  • Trucks are priced at market value at time of sale and financed at the prime lending rate + 2 points
  • Total finance amount is limited depending on the year and value of the truck
  • Trucks are sold fully equipped with tiedown equipment
  • Sale terms require a mandatory maintenance escrow to plan for repairs and tire replacement
  • A business analyst will review a profit and loss model with you before buying the truck.